Achoo! Coping with Fall Allergies

If you find yourself suddenly sneezing and coughing in the fall, you could suffer from fall allergies.

“Fall is when ragweed is in full bloom, and falling leaves become moldy after they hit the ground,” says St. Vincent Dr. Phillips. “Many people are sensitive to ragweed, mold, and also to the dust mites that can be circulated when you turn on your furnace.”

Reduce your allergy discomfort

The best way to reduce allergy discomfort is to avoid or minimize contact with the allergen.

  • Check pollen counts. Internet sites such as provide daily allergy and pollen forecasts. Stay indoors during peak times.
  • Keep home and car windows closed.
  • Take allergy medications. Prescription and over-the-counter antihistamines and nasal steroids can reduce allergy symptoms.

Find out what triggers your allergic reactions

While ragweed and mold are common fall allergens, you could be allergic to many other substances. Make an appointment with a Wellness Center physician for a full allergy evaluation and a treatment program that will give you some relief.

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